One plan to rule them all.

If we don’t fight back now against TiSA, TTIP, CETA and other dangerous free trade agreements, the green era will end before it even begins. Dangerous free trade agreements are currently being negotiated behind the public’s back. The secret aim: unrestricted profits for corporations and their investors.

Together, we can stop these dangerous agreements. We demand fair international trade that respects people and the environment.

What these agreements mean:

  • All the agreements aim to allow corporations free rein. The consequences would be felt in almost every area of our lives, from agriculture to the financial markets and from public services to climate protection.
  • Oil companies could gain the right to sue states that want to promote renewable energy for damages.
  • Shady courts – and sometimes even private arbitration tribunals that could be staffed by corporate lobbyists – would be responsible for ruling on these cases, putting the interests of corporations and foreign investors on the same level as those of states.
  • If corporations were to stockpile their oil and coal, taxpayers might have to compensate them for their loss in profits.

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